Discover the Simple
"Morning Ice Water Method"
I Used to Melt Away 95 lbs and Reclaim My Life  

...without giving up any of my favorite foods!
Meet Author:  Donna Miller
Hometown:  Columbus, Ohio
Wife, Mom, & proud Nana

"I dropped from 230 to 135 with ONE simple change to my morning routine.  
I've always enjoyed reading and baking, but for the first time in twenty years, I can enjoy being active!  
I started riding my bike again, and I just joined a ladies Pickleball league!  Life is SO GOOD!"
I get teared up whenever I think about how GRATEFUL I am that I learned this little secret.

I call it a secret because if everyone knew we didn't have to starve ourselves, or follow crazy, restrictive meal plans, or work out an hour a day, the fitness industry would go out of business!

I am still AMAZED when I look in the mirror! When I run into friends and family that haven't seen me in a while, they always do a double-take and look absolutely shocked!

I have SO much more confidence today, and for the first time in years, I get excited to go shopping for new clothes! When I was at my heaviest, the thought of clothes shopping filled me with dread!

And my husband and I have never been closer!

My recent trip to the doctor for my annual physical confirmed what I could already tell; my numbers all looked great! My heart was healthier than ever, and my blood sugar levels, which had been getting higher every year, were at healthy levels!

What is shocking is that I DID NOT have to deprive myself, eat only salads, or even cut out any of my favorite foods.

Actually, I learned that my steadily increasing numbers on the scale had NOTHING to do with the fact that I wasn't "eating less and moving more," like it's popular to say!

It had nothing to do with how much sugar or carbs I ate, or how much rigorous exercise I did.

No wonder I struggled for YEARS with my size! The fitness industry was giving me bad information and keeping me frustrated in an endless cycle of failure. 

But those days are OVER!!
Feeling Fit at 135!  
Ready to Make the NEXT Part of My Life the BEST Part of My Life

After I discovered this simple Morning Ice Water Method, I was able to:
  • Eat what I wanted without the guilt
  • ​Stop stressing about the number on the scale
  • ​Skip the crazy workouts
  • ​​Enjoy all-day energy
  • ​​Eliminate the nagging brain fog
  • ​​Improve my digestion
  • Feel GREAT about reaching my dream figure
I can’t explain how FRUSTRATING it was to work so hard to make a little progress and then slide back to my old size.  And I did it OVER AND OVER again, for so many wasted years!

I am getting emotional right now as I write this, because I know there are other women out there, just like me, feeling the same way I did.

I am sharing this story for EVERYONE who has ever struggled with frustration and embarrassment about their size. 

It is NOT our fault, and the video below explains WHY

We really CAN feel healthier, younger, and more FIT than ever before!

Watch the video that opened my eyes and changed my life!  I promise, you will not regret it! 
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